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You don't need a car accident lawyer when it's only involving the simplest, most clear-cut claims. But what is simple? It's 'simple' when there's (1) clarity of liability, (2) there are only minor injuries involved and only minimal medical bills and other expenses are needed, and (3) there are no condoning scenarios needing investigation, such as pre-existing injuries to similar body parts, complicated circumstances in the accident, ambivalence about coverage, or questions about the edict of limitations. Learn more about car accident lawyers, go here

Now, it would be wise to at least seek advice from a car accident lawyer in Cincinnati OH when:


o Liability is unclear or is shared among the parties involved

o You don't know where to start regarding the evaluation of your claim

o The adjuster has asked you to give medical records before the accident

o The adjuster provided you an offer that you think is way less than what you believe your claim is worth

o The adjuster is not offering a lump sum payment and a structured settlement instead

o You aren't confident in your ability to negotiate your own settlement  

o It's difficult to prove your claim of lost wages  


But it's absolutely imperative that you consult a car accident lawyer in Cincinnati OH when:


o There are condoning  circumstances that can make your claim more valuable and you have no idea how to prove your loss  

o The insurance company denied you of your claim, you believe their denial is incorrect, and they refuse to reconsider

o The settlement offer given by the insurance company is too low

o You are seriously injured and significant medical bills are involved with or without residual disability

o You are moderately injured and residual disability is involved, incurring medical bills in the future

o The injured party is a minor with more than minor injuries

o You believe you aren't responsible or are only partially responsible for the accident and still liability is being disputed

o It's been almost 12 months since your accident and you're still far from settling your claim, and you have no idea what the statute of limitations in Cincinnati OH is

o The scenarios involving the accident are complex and expert investigation is required

o A lawsuit has been served by the other party  


If you don't have a clear-cut case, you must consult with a car accident lawyer in Cincinnati OH especially before speaking to an insurance adjuster. In so doing, it will be able to save you from providing statements that may simply damage your claim and may later regret. Find out for further details right here